Almost everybody thinks that grilling is complicated and that only the very skilled individuals can make it perfectly. When you actually get yourself to do it firsthand, you will find out that it isn’t as hard as you thought it was. With these tips we are about to show, you would surely want frequent grilling sessions with your loved ones because it’s really easy!

Grilled pork and beef are undoubtedly the most popular Davao eats in the city but oftentimes, when we try grilling it ourselves, we get a dry charred meat on the outside and raw on the inside. Sometimes, they are just as hard as rock. Just follow these tips so you can have a gourmet-ish kind of grilled meat.

  • Know the difference between direct and indirect heat. Direct heat is the area of the grill where the temperature is very high while indirect heat is the cooler area of the grill. Use direct heat for sausages, chops, and steaks. Use indirect heat for larger cuts of meat so that you don’t burn the outside while it is cooking inside.
  • To ensure that your Davao eats don’t lose their beauty and just stay flat when grilled, slash the edges of steaks and chops diagonally about ¼ inch into the center.
  • Before putting the meat on the grill, make sure that it is in its right temperature. This is to ensure that the surface of the meat is seared quickly so that it has a nice flavourful crust.
  • Also, don’t forget to coat the grill racks with vegetable oil so the meat doesn’t stick to it. Torn meat doesn’t look good on Davao eats.
  • If possible, add aromatic wood like hickory, apple, or cherry to the preheated coal to give your grilled meat a distinct flavour.
  • Make sure that there is an area in the grill without coals so when there is a flare up, it is easy to move the meat.