There are things in life that are unexplainable by mere science or logic. Sometimes, good things happen in our lives when we least expect them to. Sometimes, we wonder why and how. God works in ways we can’t imagine and receiving these blessings gives us more reason to be thankful to Him all the time. When He gives us our reward, the very first thing we should do is accept it and thank Him. Give back to Him and to the people who have helped us achieve it. Here are some blessed quotes that make you feel more thankful that you get to wake up every day and live your life accordingly.

Gratitude Lifts Our Eyes Off The Things We Lack So We Might See The Blessings We Possess – Max Lucado

Being thankful will make us only see the things we have in our life. We start appreciating the things that we have and stop desiring for the things that we do not possess. If you concentrate on the things that you do not have, you will only desire for something better and that is where greed starts. Don’t let this happen. Look around you and see what you already have. Be thankful that you have food to eat every day. Be thankful that you have friends and family. Be thankful that you have a job. Other people will do anything just to get these simple things but you are blessed to have them right before you.

Sometimes We Must Look Outside Our Own Backyards To Realize How Big The World Is And How Blessed We Are – Eugene Nathaniel Butler

While there are still good things in this world, we cannot hide the fact that it is also full of mishaps and troubles. We complain so much about our lives and how we cannot have the things that we want. But, there is a bigger world out there with bigger problems. If you open your eyes to the difficulties of the society you’ll realize that your worries are so little compared to the more pressing issues. Be thankful for the littlest things that you have and be thankful that God only gives you problems that you can solve.

When We Lose One Blessing, Another Is Often Most Unexpectedly Given In Its Place – C.S. Lewis

The author of the famous Chronicles of Narnia has simplified one of the most famous blessed quotes saying that there is always a rainbow after the rain. We may face difficulties in life but rest assured that God has a future planned ahead. Trust in Him and believe that you will get through your problems with His help.