Everybody knows Confucius. He is considered one of China’s greatest philosophers. He is also a teacher, editor, and a politician. He is known for having been credited in a lot of Chinese texts. His principles and idealisms are mostly founded on Chinese tradition and belief. His words were concerning about family loyalty and respect for elders. He is also known to advocate family being the basis of an ideal government. Let’s look at some of the best Confucius quotes that we can apply in our daily lives.

Never Impose On Others What You Would Not Choose For Yourself

This quote might sound familiar because Confucius based this principle from the Golden Rule. Similarly, Confucius teaches us that we should not be the ones making decisions for others. We each have our own minds and we each are in our own situations. The decision you make from your perspective might not be the same as in the perspective of the person who should be deciding. Respect others’ judgements because you would want others to respect your judgements too. You don’t others to meddle with your business so don’t do it too.

Wheresoever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

When we let others in our lives, we start to become like their puppet. We let them control how to live our lives according to their norms. When we start listening to how others want us to live, we are blinded by what our hearts really want to do. We don’t feel a sense of accomplishment since we lose our own opinion and our identity. But, we can fight it. If we stop letting others dictate us and decide for us, we have more room to do the things that we want. And, when we do these things that our heart desires, we should put our heart and passion into it. The good thing about pouring your heart to what you do is that you can be in charge of your pacing and approach on how you want these things to be achieved.

Everything Has Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It

This might be one of the most beautiful Confucius quotes. We all have different ways of seeing the world. What’s good for one might be bad for others. Not everyone look at the situation of the society in the same way. Our lifestyle today has cornered us to just continue on trying to survive the harsh world without pausing for a while and see that there is beauty everywhere. The news we see on TV or read on the papers is so full of negativity that we start to lose faith in humanity. But, that’s just what is presented to us. Somewhere out there, there are still beautiful things that remain good and make this world livable. We need to start appreciating these things if we want to change.