Getting in a road accident can be a headache whether you are the one involved in it or you are just another motorist that happens to be in the area. It can cause traffic due to road blockage. Fortunately, to ease things up, we have the services of 24 hour towing Los Angeles that is available with just a call away. But, they won’t be able to do their job properly if we don’t cooperate. Towing a car is a delicate job. So, to avoid more road accidents than the existing one, let’s learn some etiquette on the road.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Accidents may happen any time of the day or night. So, if you are driving, say, in the middle of the night, be alert and mind your surroundings. Tow truck drivers and emergency vehicles might suddenly appear and you have to be prepared to make way for them. If you drive for long trips, take a break once in a while and don’t drive when you feel sleepy.

Step On The Brakes When You See A Commotion

If you are in the middle of the city and as you turn on the next intersection you see an accident, start stepping on the brakes gradually. This will give you more time to observe a contingency path to take. Do not stop just right before the site of the accident. Towing a car would need a lot of space and you being so close won’t be much of a help. Also, in doing so, you won’t have much room to maneuver your car for a back-up path. You might just cause another accident and would need a towing service yourself.

Give Way

In most states, you are lawfully obliged to give way to emergency vehicles like ambulances and tow trucks. It would also give 24 hour towing Los Angeles services more leeway. If you see that another lane is clear, move over and give these tow trucks extra space. They would need this space when they are transporting a bigger vehicle or when they are trying to move a car from a dangerous position in the accident.

Don’t Get Out

Unless necessary, never get out of your car when you are caught in an accident. When you call for a towing service, wait for them patiently in your car. If they arrive on site, do not get out and wave them over. This is actually more dangerous because apart from towing your car, it is also their job to keep you safe. If they see you moving around, their focus will be compromised. Stay seated and follow instructions. Tow truck drivers are trained to do what they need to do so you can put your trust in them. They may ask you to get out of your car once they are sure that you are safe. Do so and make sure they are closely watching everything. If they tell you to get on their truck, oblige to it. Following their direction will make the process go smoother.

Keep The Tow Trucks Contact Within Reach

As we’ve said, we do not know when we get into accidents. If you are involved in one, call them immediately. Save their contact on your phone or keep their flyers in a compartment of the car close to you. Call the emergency hotline and let them know that you are not in much grave danger and that you are calling for a tow truck service. If you are in the vicinity and you see an accident, pull over on the side of the road and offer help. Ask the concerned citizen if he/she has called the emergency hotline or a towing service. Offer help and do the contacting.

Be Respectful

Cooperate in any way that you can to make the process smoother and safer. If there is no other means of transportation, they can take you to the nearest car shop to have your car fixed and they will ask you to ride on the truck with them. They are not obliged to do it but kindly accept it and be thankful if they do. Just remember that if they do this, you are actually a guest in their vehicle and do things that a guest should be doing. Don’t be too friendly and bring in food and drinks to the truck and talk like you are best buddies unless you have asked permission. They can still refuse to give you service if they find you unruly.

Give Tips

Sometimes, the cost of repairing your car is somewhat high and that you may not be able to afford giving a tip. It’s not a requirement to tip a tow truck driver but it is a nice gesture to express your gratitude especially if they go out of their way to accommodate you.